My first Parkrun

Damien and Kasia post run

Well I didn’t finish in the top 10 but I thoroughly enjoyed my first Hackney Marshes Parkrun this morning. I went along with my friend Kasia and for some reason I was a bag of nerves. So much so that I got a stitch during the 30 minute walk to the park, not ideal to say the least. But once at the run my nerves evaporated the volunteers were super friendly and I bumped into an old colleague Adele who was also running her first Parkrun.

Again I didn’t have a watch to monitor my pace but used RunKeeper without headphones, so throughout I didn’t have an idea how fast I was running. I knew that I was pushing myself so I guessed my time would be reasonable. I started off really strongly in the lead group and settled down into a nice consistent pace.

But today I just seemed to have one gear, throughout the race about 6 people went past me they obviously nailed the negative splits. Which is something I definitely need to work on. I suppose I am just afraid I will not be able to accelerate when the time comes. Does anyone else worry about this? And if so what is the secret to overcoming it? Racing is a new experience to me and I am definitely running with the fear of burning out at the moment. With how far to go should I be sprinting to the finish? 500 metres?

Despite this I was happy with my result. I came in 18th place overall (2nd in the 25-29 age range) with a time of 22:12 which was a race PB. My friend Kasia who is also vegan and has an amazing new food blog called The Pink Vegan ran her PB with a great time of 26:46.

Parkrun time

Before we left Kasia made banana, nectarine smoothies which were delicious and a perfect pre running snack. I would love to hear your pre race smoothies recipes.

Did anyone else take part in Parkrun this weekend? If so how did you get on?

Damien not in the actual race


8 thoughts on “My first Parkrun

  1. Nicely run. I find that the best way to tackle a 5k is to go out hard and try to hang on. I’ve done PBs where I’ve not managed to sprint finish out of having nothing left so don’t worry about the sprint too much. As you get more used to racing you’ll come to know how to pace yourself.

    Aside from that have your considered joining Vegan Runner UK?

    Again, well done.

  2. Yeah was my first park run too. Only been running two months from nothing to just achieving 5k two weeks ago. Managed 26.23 a pb so very pleased. Like the look of your blog and the sound of nectarine banana smoothies.

    • Well done on the PB. Sounds like you’re doing great getting a 26:23 means you’re definitely pretty fit. I made a banana and chocolate smoothie today, I just added some cocoa powder and it was delicious. I had a look at your blog and your fox picture is fantastic (I have a big soft spot for them)

  3. I’ve just found my local Park Run, and will be giving it a shot soon. The only 5k time I have is from 2011 when I ran the Superhero 5K at 34mins on the nose but I had done NO TRAINING. I am hoping to step it up considerably, but I know I am more of a slow and steady runner.

  4. I pretty much exclusively ran 5k’s for months. The last time I did a half marathon, I just did lots of slow longer runs. Working on short runs meant I developed better form and increased by pace. Now I am starting to run faster I am finding that I am able to keep up the pace. Just take things slowly, I think running is such an inclusive sport, regardless of your pace everyone has a place.

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