Going through the gears

London Fields

After my first Parkrun on Saturday, I decided I would like to add a bit of an extra kick to the end of my runs. So today I decided to do a little training session called ‘gears’. This drill involves finding a 400 metre loop and running it 4 times steadily increasing your pace with each loop.

The drill is explained in this blog by Shaun Dixon who is a trainer at GoodGym and competes in cross country running for England. I find this drill really good fun and a great way to get used to the experience of increasing the tempo of my running. Today I really had form in the centre of mind throughout my run making sure I was powering the arms through in the last 400 metres of the ‘losing control gear’.

I am pretty new to interval training and would love to receive recommendations of relatively simple drills aimed at increasing pace throughout a run.  I am running the Bushy Park 10k on the 20th October, this will be my first 10k race and I would love to make sure I am finishing the race strongly not wilting.

On a slightly different note, it feels like we’re entering the perfect season for running when Summer slowly gives way to Autumn and we can feel the crunch of leaves under our feet and the warmth of the sun on our face. It should make for enjoyable running conditions for us all over the coming weeks.


One thought on “Going through the gears

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the running weather! I love the crisp in the air — now if only the days weren’t getting shorter!

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