Vegfest and Scott Jurek

Damien Clarkson and Scott Jurek

Yesterday I headed down to VegFest at London, Olympia. I have never been a big fan of these kind of events, always overcrowded and full of people selling you thinks you frankly don’t need. But this year Ultra Marathon legend Scott Jurek was one of the star attractions of the event and gave a number of talks over the course of the weekend.

Scott Jurek is probably the main inspiration behind my running journey so far. His running achievements include winning the following races  Hardrock Hundred (2007), the Badwater Ultramarathon (2005, 2006), the Spartathlon (2006, 2007, 2008), and the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (1999-2005).

He is also a vegan and has been since 1999, he believes his vegan diet is one of the main factors which has enabled him dominate ultra marathon running for the past decade.

This year Scott released his memoir Eat and Run a book I highly recommend which charts his unlikely rise to ultra marathon greatness and also gives you some of his favourite recipes for fuelling runs.

So yesterday I got to meet Scott, he was signing copies of his book and taken plenty of time to chat to everyone who came to see him. I have to say he was such a lovely guy he was genuinely interested in talking to us about being vegan our running, nutrition I even gave him a few vegetarian restaurant recommendations. I told Scott how I felt a lot of empathy with what he wrote in his book. His Mum died from multiple sclerosis which is a neurone disease similar to Motor Neurone Disease which my Dad died from and like Scott my Dad was also a bit of hard ass.

Sometimes you read about people or see them on TV then when you meet them in real life you’re disappointed. This wasn’t the case with Scott he was a great guy and I feel more inspired than ever.

Afterwards we watched Scott give a talk on nutrition which was really interesting, I will be doing his hydration test in a few weeks and I will let you know how I get on.

He also signed some inspiration in my copy of Eat and Run.

Eat and Run


4 thoughts on “Vegfest and Scott Jurek

  1. I met Scott on Saturday, he’s a very lovely guy!
    I’m interested to hear how you get on with the hydration test, and what’s involved in it.

    • It is lovely when someone lives up to your expectations. Yes, I need to the study the slides and it only really works if you’re out running for 1:30 which I haven’t done since I started running again but I am getting the urge to throw in a long one in the next week or two. I am pleased I found your blog and I will look forward to your posts.

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