Running for charities

Have you ever failed to get a ballot place and taken the fundraising plunge and ran for charity close to your heart?

If so, what was your experience like? Did you feel loved and supported by someone with an active interest in running? Or did you feel like just another fundraising statistic.

Please share your experiences both good and bad.

Check out ‘Bow On The Go‘, a project by East London The Bromley By Bow Centre who are offering really interesting support for their runners.

2 thoughts on “Running for charities

  1. I have only run for a charity once (in that they had a place which they gave to me)- this was when I did the Great North Run- I have family who always run it, and one of them works for Sheffield Hospitals Charity so I ran for that, although I didn’t have minimum sponsorship- they now do which would put me off.
    Usually once a year I choose a charity and set up a Just giving page for one event I am doing- this year I did the British Heart Foundation. One year I did the Great South Run and chose to raise money for Cancer Research UK, and they sent me a little pack including a tabbard thing to wear over my running clothes. They were meant to have “cheering stations” around the route, but they didn’t stand out over the normal crowd support. Perhaps if I had entered with one of their places things would have been different. I am not against charity places, but I do feel that it is a shame when the charities have to pay so much to enter, and I think I would feel pressure for the minimum amount- really the running is the easy bit compared to cajoling people to sponsor you. I feel like I need to emphasise to people that I have paid for my own entry, my own travel to the race etc, and it is just an extra that I am raising money.
    I don’t think I would pay attention to the training advice they send out anyway- the same as other events I enter- it is always generic and not really that helpful to me, plus often I disagree with them on certain aspects. But I suppose to a new runner they might be more useful.

    • Yeah, I think it would be nice if charities made an effort to connect runners with other people running for the same cause. Often people will have a close connection with the charity they choose to support. Creating something like a Facebook group whereby runners can share stuff with each other is definitely something more charities should be doing.

      I agree that the places are so expensive, I know they pay about £500 for London Marathon places which is so much. I think if they did away with charity places people would still fundraise for charities just without the added pressure. I haven’t booked my Spring Marathon yet because of the dread of fundraising. I am thinking I will perhaps do a small one where I can just run.

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