I am running the Edinburgh Marathon

Edinburgh Marathon

I have finally taken the plunge and it is settled; in 2014 I am to become a marathon runner. I decided the location for my first marathon will be the historical city of Edinburgh, Scotland, on the 25th May 2014. I will be aged 29 years, 9 months and 5 days old.

I have never been to Edinburgh and I frankly know very little about it. Several friends studied there or have been up to act in or watch the fringe festival. The historical streets of Edinburgh are unknown to me, this will be a run on away turf. When I started thinking about my first marathon in my mind I had settled on London or Brighton and their familiar streets. Obviously I hadn’t taken to account not getting a ballot place and missing the Brighton deadline and generally being useless and non-committal in choosing my race.

Other reasons to choose Edinburgh include it being the last of the spring marathons, I won’t have to fundraise to take part, I get to explore a new city and it is flat, flat, flat, after my last half marathon a easier terrain was definitely on my agenda.

Weirdly I don’t feel daunted, the past 9 months of running has seen me make great strides forward including recording a 21.04 5K and completing a half marathon. I may still be the worlds least flexible person and managing a calf injury but I am running again and excited for January which is going to consist of some personal trainer sessions and lots of cross training, including stretching, spinning, cycling, swimming.

This is where I need your help! What do I need to do to smash the race? What books should I read, what training plans should I look at? What gear should I investigate, what training runs should I do? I am thinking the 10 mile Dartford race will be my first training race, I actually grew up in the town and my Mum still lives there, so it should be fun to run the streets I know well. Reading and Brighton are February half marathon considerations, anyone else running these races? It is going to be a tough journey I know that. I am lucky I have found such a supportive community of other runners online and through GoodGym I have met lots of other great runners to inspire me.

I know lots of people will also be gearing up for spring marathons, if you live in London and want someone to train with let me know, I always love running with new people.

The Edinburgh Marathon is 20 weeks,  6 days and 16 hours away. Time to dig deep, lets do this!


6 thoughts on “I am running the Edinburgh Marathon

  1. I can’t give you any advice at all, but good luck!

  2. Do you ever listen to the marathon talk podcasts? They are free, and full of great training tips. At the moment the two presenters are training for the Manchester marathon which is probably a similar time. When I trained for a marathon I did a 20 mile race in Cheshire- it was run by a running club as the final long run, 3 or 4 weeks before Edinburgh- something like that was great as it meant water stops on such a long run, instead of having to do it all on my own. Might be worth looking out for club organised events like that? And good luck!

  3. I do give them a listen actually. After listening to the last one I am considering buying the Pete Pfitzinger book but as I have never run a marathon before perhaps his plan would be bit much for me. A 20 mile run sounds like such a good idea, I will start looking around for one. I know it is going to come up so quickly.

    • Yes I think it is more for people who have run a few- I think he said people who have run maybe 6 to 8 marathons and want to improve.
      I think 20 mile runs are more common now so hopefully you will find one to do.

  4. Make sure you have ace running socks that don’t rub or make your feet heat and swell. I recommend Hills and smother your body in Lanacane anti-chafe gel. It makes you like velvet and will stop any sores and make your run a far more smiley one. My first marathon is April so if I garner anymore advice I’ll let you know 🙂

  5. Thanks for the running sock advice, I have half decent ones but always thinking of upgrading as I had a bit of blister problem a while back and it wasn’t fun.

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