Go Vegan for January with Veganuary

Sometimes in life we have to face truths. For me in 2014 this was accepting that I could no longer eat any products from animals. I had long known the environmental arguments and I was already vegetarian when I decided to go vegan. But accepting the truth about dairy industry was long overdue. Once I did it, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders and 7 months down the line I have more energy than ever. I look better, perform better mentally and physical and I feel my diet matches my ethics.

2013 has been another year whereby I have been fortunate enough to work on projects in areas close to my heart. Whether it was working on ‘Fighting Animal Testing‘ with Lush or Moves app (activity tracker) or my latest client Veganuary getting people to go Vegan for the month of January.

I urge everyone to check out Veganuary there is a great 31 day vegan menu and a whole host of useful resources for anyone embarking on a vegan journey. On Instagram would be chefs will be sharing their vegan dishes with the world for the chance to win some vegan goodies. I found my athletic performance came on leaps and bounds when I turned vegan, perhaps yours will as well.

Happy New Year and thanks for all of your support. Your comments, tweets, shares inspire me to keep going, train hard and spread a healthy message.

Let 2014 be a year of exploration and perhaps start today with Veganuary.